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Over recent years, sustainability has become a key topic in debates surrounding the environment, the economy and society. It is also the founding value for everyone at Lampoo.

The negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment has risen exponentially over recent years and the fashion supply chain is now one of the biggest culprits of pollution, driven by carbon dioxide emissions and the use of massive water supplies. For every kilogram of cotton clothes produced, 3.6 kg of CO2 is emitted and 6,000 litres of water are used. Based on the principles of Circular Economy, Lampoo aims to take a more conscious and responsible approach to fashion by providing a trustworthy platform to sell and buy second-hand luxury items quickly and easily, reducing wastage and breathing new life into pre-loved luxury pieces.

Each item sold or bought via Lampoo contributes towards our goal of inspiring a widespread circular economy and creating a future of sustainable fashion. Sell your pre-loved clothes and contribute to protecting the planet.