Product authenticity is crucial for Lampoo. It is the most important promise we make to our customers.

The authentication process is carried out by professionals with years of experience in the world of fashion and luxury goods, from both retail and production standpoints. The process is divided into several steps. It involves ensuring not only that the items are genuine, but also that they are in the best condition possible and have lost none of their original allure.

Our team do a comprehensive, detailed appraisal of the products, referring to the production standards of the specific brands. They take into account the special characteristics and quality of the models, materials and handicraft techniques required to make them, as well as the presence of serial codes.

Should they find anything that does not correspond to the manufacturing standards of the brand in question, Lampoo will ask the seller to provide proof of purchase or authenticity. The seller bears sole responsibility for the authenticity of items and must be aware of existing laws regarding counterfeit goods.

If the authenticity cannot be ascertained, the item will be refused and returned to the seller, who will bear the cost of shipping. Should the seller not arrange return within 45 days, the item will be destroyed.

Thanks to its team of authentication experts, Lampoo works daily to fight counterfeiting, cooperating with the authorities responsible for compliance and enforcement of the applicable laws in force.