Who we are

Lampoo was founded in Milan in 2019, with the aim to empower consumers to extend the life cycle and preserve the value of each piece of quality clothing, helping to inspire and build the future for sustainable fashion.

Inspired by this mission is our slogan FASHION WITH A FUTURE.

Fashion is among the most polluting industries in the world, in our own small way, we want to foster the birth of a new movement, made of people who approach fashion in a more conscious and sustainable way. To achieve this purpose, we offer the best selling and buying experience for second hand luxury items, and aspire to become the leading resell platform in Europe.

Lampoo represent indeed the most suitable solution for those women who want to resell their luxury clothing and accessories, but avoid all the time-consuming tasks required by the current marketplaces, and it’s the only platform dedicated to pre-loved items to deliver a buying experience comparable to the most renowned fashion e-commerce sites.

Our team is made of digital and fashion professionals coming from top companies such as Vente Privee/Privalia, Yoox, Hermes and Gucci, who are based in our HQs at the gates of Milan. DHL is our exclusive logistic and global shipping provider, this  partnership allows us to pick up sellers’ goods time effectively in all the EU territories and to ship orders to 80 Countries in the world.